Production Code (iOS and Android) is Running Development Code From another App

I’m having the strangest problem across multiple devices including a completely fresh android install.
My production app has been running fine for months. I am recently developing a new app After reprovisioning my iOS certs, my production app now points to the development app.
It really makes no sense and there is no way that the code was deployed in production on Android and iOS. I wonder if Android does not completely clear out data possibly on a fresh install? Also devices that do not have installed are somehow able to access the app screens. I am so very confused and frustrated that this is even possible and now my production apps are broken on both iOS and Android.

As an update, I believe this is a WiFi issue. I turned it off on one of my android devices and the forwarding to the new app stopped. But it still persists for other devices when WiFi is turned off. Any ideas?