iOS/Android versions got published TO PRODUCTION (!) by an Android build


we have an expo-based app in the iOS and Android app stores.

We had a very strange and dangerous issue recently. We created a new debug-branch in our code base and inserted several alert(’’) to debug a particular behaviour.

Then, we started an android build with expo build:android -t apk on that debug-branch.

We didn’t use expo publish and we also didn’t upload that build to the app store. We just downloaded & used the build to test locally.

On the next day, we suddenly received some tickets from users stating that they see the debugging alert in production for Android and iOS.

We immediately did a expo publish on the production branch which seems to solved the issue.

How could this happen? Does expo build:android trigger a expo publish for both platforms? If not: Any ideas how this could have happened with our setup? Nobody ever executed expo publish on the debug branch.

expo build is running publish internally, you should run builds with different release channels for production and local development/testing.

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