problems opening ios simulator in new machine

hi there i just installed expo on a new mac after installing xcode and nodejs
and when i try expo start in the project i just created with expo init i i get the message saying “error opening simulator please check metro logs”
but 1. id just closed xcode snd the simulator a second before running expo start and they worked just fine.
and 2. i have no idea where to find metro logs
couid someone please help me resume work…?

Hey @samseed, the metro logs you can find either in the terminal window that you are running the expo start process in or in the Expo Dev Tools browser web page that opens. As for encountering an issue with opening the simulator, I’d recommend reading through troubleshooting section in our docs.


hi adam, thanks…

however expo thinks xcode is not installed when it most certainly is (I’ve opened the simulator from it several times to ensure it works)
this looks like an error, and I can’t see it in the troubleshooting guide… I’ve been completely blocked on progressing with my project just because I bought a new macbook pro!
might you have any suggestions on how to proceed…?

many thanks,

p.s. screenshot from terminal output below

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