Pretty basic: how does the client app work?

I’ve installed the client app and signed in. I was toying with some of the APIs (the face detection one looked interesting), but I’m flummoxed in how to open it.

Clicking the “Open project using Expo” button on opens Expo, but tells me I can’t load the project.

Also, looking at the screenshots on the AppStore, there’s a little + icon in the upper right corner. My app doesn’t have that.

Very confused!

Hey @nathanziarek,

This a result of some changes we had to make recently to the iOS client. You can read about them more in detail here:

One of the changes is that you can no longer open projects that are not authored by the account you’re logged in with which is why you are getting that error message.

Also, good catch on the screenshots. We should update them to reflect the new state of the app.

Sorry for the confusion,


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