"You are not allowed to load <app>"

I shared my exp:// url for my app with some of my team members and when they try to load it, they get the following message:

“Sorry, you are not allowed to view .”

“The expo client can only be used to view your own projects. To view this project, make sure you are signed in to the same expo account that created it.”

This seems like a bit of a strange restriction. I can set me app to “private”, “public,” or “unlisted,” but what is the point in this if nobody else can open a public app using the expo client? Is there a way to share the app using the expo client? I would like to do this so my team can have a test version on expo and the real app version on testflight


Hey @vic616283,

This is a result of some of the changes we had to make to the iOS Expo Client in order to become compliant with Apple’s guidelines. You can read more about the changes here: Upcoming Limitations to iOS Expo Client | by Ben Roth | Exposition

Sorry for the inconvenience. You can still share expo projects on Android as you had before, but for iOS you have two main options. Sharing via TestFlight and the less ideal one of sharing your Expo account credentials with your teams so they can log in enabling them access to open the project.



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When trying to setup TestFlight, it appears that I need to have an Apple developer account active to upload my beta app through iTunes Connect, and this is unfortunately not free. Does anyone know if there is a way to share the app for free through TestFlight?

Thank you, Bastien

Hey @mazerab,

Unfortunately you’ll need an Apple Developer account. There are not any free workarounds to using TestFlight.



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