My first app - puzzle-adventure game

Hey there!

I wrote a little game (boxyrinth) for the fun of it, during pandemic times. It’s mostly a proof of concept and a little game engine for block board puzzles, while I was experimenting with typescript, react-native and expo.

It’s a sokoban revamped board game in an alien sci-fi universe.

It’s available as an open test on Play Store at the moment as I think I need at least some review to make it a proper release (sorry, not sure how this works, my first app):

If you’re on iOS (I am not paying for apple dev accont for the moment) and would like to try the game, you can probably test it as well via Expo Go, from this url:

If you find it nice, and think I should keep on improving and and make a bigger and better game out of it, let me know :slight_smile:

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Oh, and almost forgot to mention, the project is open source, you can find it on my GitHub, here:

Thanks for sharing your creation with the community, @antonioprates! Congrats on seeing your project come to life. :clap: :clap:

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When I go to that link it gives a not found page:

As it’s still in open testing mode I guess you have to be signed in with your account. I am not 100% sure to be honest, as publishing is a new thing to me. Never done it before.

Google also provides a web-link (intended for opening on a desktop, maybe this works): Sign in - Google Accounts

It seems I need at least one review (and it can’t be me), so that I can have the listing properly set up with all information (like screenshots etc.) published.

I am not sure if that’s actually true, but any advice is also welcome.

Try again on same link @themasjidapp

Finally, I understood what review means as Google Console internal procedure, not the audience reviews. Anyway, my game got internally reviewed and is public now :smiley:

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I don’t know why all my post were hidden in this thread, I just tried to post the Play Store link, that now seems to be working, but some automation tagged all my messages as spam :confused:

Hi @antonioprates! Sorry about that. You were right, our automated spam filters wrongfully flagged you so we had to review it. I just released all your posts again :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing the stuff you made!


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So beautiful and simple game ! I will look at your code !

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Getting this error on my expo go on iOS.

If you clone the repository you should be able to run expo upgrade. You will of course need to follow these instructions to avoid errors about the audio files.

I’ve submitted a PR to upgrade to Expo SDK 45.