YouTube Video: Getting Started With React Native and Expo

I love expo so much that I decided to make a little YouTube video demonstrating how straight forward it is to get started :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the video:

Planning on making some more videos down the line :smiley:

Cool so on this chain I’ve started recording a tutorial to build a simple YouTube search application. I’ve released the first video for that now over here:

Like and subscribe if you’re enjoying these. I’m going to try release a new episode every day until I finish this series before working on a newer more complicated one. I’ve already recorded the second one today which I’m going to edit and schedule to release tomorrow and then record the rest tomorrow.

Getting more confident in these as I go, and didn’t have to do as many retakes in this second one compared to the first one :smiley: Thanks for the support!

Started a new series here :smiley:
It’s a React Native Redux Tutorial with Expo!

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looks super cool! awesome @barrymichaeldoyle

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Thanks man! Much appreciated!

Thats a great React Native tutorial!


Awesome thanks man! I love the positive feedback! :smiley:

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