Snack Idea: "One Up"

Have ya’ll ever played the drinking game where you start with a theme, like campfire and we’d go around adding things we’d bring to that campfire. The person that can’t think of anything else to add drinks.

What if Snack had a feature (in the friendliest of ways!) would “one up” an pure-js implementation somebody might be struggling with.

The final implementation would be published under react-community (and maybe a follow up article by the OP)


I have a vertical flatlist with each row swipeable. I’m so disappointed in myself for how poorly it performs but my expertise in using animations, swiping & long lists in tandem only goes so far.

I know there’s a better way and I’m sure I’ll get there on my own eventually. I mess around with it here in there in my down time.

Then I started thinking about how I can get the result I want faster through the community’s help and here we are!

Wanted to start a discussion around this and see there’s any merit in building in features for this.


this is a pretty funny idea. i would be down to play on a weekend (since i will probably lose and have to drink).

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we can totally plan a fun online weekend, too!

I was thinking a game that lasts a few days or even weeks, carefully crafting our way to some rock solid components the rest of the community could use :slight_smile:

Maybe I overdid it with the drinking game example =P

I love this, Peter! We could playtest just passing around URLs in a slack channel.

@peterpme We have a new player :slight_smile:

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