Open Source Voxel Engine!

Hey Fellow Expo Lovers

I’m working on a open source Voxel Engine, to demonstrate the great OpenGL API.
Please feel free to give any feedback / (pull :wink:) requests!

Currently features:

  • Walking
  • Jumping
  • Sky Shader
  • Fog
  • Ambient Occlusion





This is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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Awesomeeeeeeeee!!! Really cool that the d-pand controls just use normal React Native views and work with transparency over the screen. :open_mouth:

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can I have your autograph?

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Can you sign my React Native? :heart::heart_eyes:

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you betcha @bacon :>

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Very cool. Any additional features you’d be keen to implement?

I wanna make everything - free expo-craft. If you wanna take a look at my sloppy halflmintation of voxel.js under this branch :point_right: :point_left: I made this a while ago and since then WebGL 2.0 has been implemented so things should be a lot faster. Also working @expo/browser-polyfill should fix some bugs. I was trying this yesterday but I was at the end of my monster energy drank :frowning: