Latest best practice for sharing progress/staging with clients? (as of Oct 2020)

I see some old threads from 2018 on this. Last time I used expo was maybe version 29 or something.

I’m wondering what’s the current best practice for sharing progress/staging with a client?

At one point, you could just share a link. But I want to say around v20-25 they stopped that and you could only test your own apps… so I think I started making specific accounts for each client and then we’d all share the login to see the pushed app.

Anyway… has anything changed? I’m sure I’m not the only contractor working with clients who needs to share progress/test like this.

Hey @arcomito,

We’ve implemented Expo Teams to make this more simplified than what it previously was. Working Together - Expo Documentation


Thanks adam that’s helpful.

Sorry if this is an obvious questions, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve worked in expo, but is it possible to develop an app on my expo account and then eventually move it to another expo account? And if so, what does that process look like?