Team development workflow


is there any support in Expo XDE for team development. Like having shared URL for publishing app.
Currently it’s deployed with my account name and its hard to have one url for the whole team of developers.
Also some team permission would be nice! :slight_smile:

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For sure, but we don’t have a notion of development teams vs individual developers just yet, so I’d recommend setting up an account for the team and publishing from that.

I think everyone should be able to develop locally without stepping on each others toes, or is there something I’m missing?

How big is the team?

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I would typically agree with the poster. Having team accounts would be fantastic, much like how Github structures their teams.

Although currently about 80% of what we’re doing is able to be managed through keeping our app.json files gitignored and updating them per-branch

We are running into the same issue. Add your feedback here so the team will work on a fix for us al.