Team collaboration using Expo

hello everyone. I could not find a good article on how teams can collaborate on an expo project and need some assistance here. All team-members on my project use their own expo accounts to develop. When it comes to creating a release build(publishing app), we end up sharing credentials of official expo account of our app. Is there any way that teams can still publish code to official repo, while logged in to their own accounts and admin can control access as to who can publish to production?

Hi Iqbaldepp! Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to publish projects somewhere other than your own account yet, so for now you’re limited to either sharing credentials or routing all of your releases through the “admin”

thank you for your response. Is there a way we can automate login to expo on a build tool? something like exp login <username> <password> or exp login <token>?

Sure, you can do exp login --username u --password p

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