Testing and deploying

Currently developing my first CRNA and its been going well. My client wish to send it to Apple/Playstore for approval sometime next week, however since my client is out of town, i was wondering what would be a good way to show him the final stage of the app before sending it to approval. I cannot ask him to download the expo app (though he isn’t on my locale network so that makes no difference).

Just wondering how you guys show your app to your clients.

hi @kristian, if your client is unable to download the Expo mobile app from the Apple/Playstore, here are some other options:

  1. Upload your app onto Testflight before you release to the appstore
  2. Build your app for the simulator and ask your client to run it on their local simulator, docs here
  3. Port your app into a Snack and your client can press the preview toggle at the bottom to run it on the simulator in the browser.

Thank you, i will try these options

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