Is it possible to exit the 'expo build:android' task once it's been published to save on Bitbucket Pipeline usage?

When I run expo build:android it takes about 15 minutes to come back as “uploaded”. This is causing my “minutes” usage in Bitbucket Pipelines to take a nose dive very quickly. Is it possible to exit the expo build:android task as soon as it’s successfully published? I don’t need to know when it’s been fully uploaded.

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Hey @cmacdonnacha,

You can pass the --no-wait flag to the build command!



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Thanks tried that but didn’t seem to work. It still waits until the build is uploaded.

expo build:android --no-wait

Well, we have to get your minified code and assets to build your app, so uploading them is necessary.
--no-wait just doesn’t wait for a build to finish.

Sorry, phrased that incorrectly. It uploades the files (publishes them) but then waits for the entire build to finish even though I pass the --no-wait flag.

Is the command I type at the beginning correct?

expo build:android --no-wait

Hey, can anyone help with this?

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