Build queued ad eternum

Hi. I’m having some problems building for Android. After running exp build:android --release-channel production-v4 the build seems to go well but it fails with

|10:40:16 [exp] Waiting for build to complete. You can press Ctrl+C to exit.
\10:41:17 [exp] Unknown status: sent-to-queue - aborting!

If I go to the build page ( I guess admins will have access to that page), it says that is queued and that there are no logs. If i try to cancel the build, it alerts with a message that it couldn’t be done and i should contact the support team.

Any ideas?

Please update exp. You can try also new Expo CLI - npm install -g expo-cli

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Thanks! It worked by updating exp. I’ll try the new expo CLI. Thanks for all the work!

No problem. BTW your build wasn’t stuck for eternity - just maybe waiting for about 30 minutes for a free builder - you can see it succeded :wink:

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