Android Build failed but still stuck in queue

I submitted a build but it appears to have failed. I can’t initiate a new build b/c it says I have a current build in progress.

How can I or can someone manually stop my build in the expo side?

build fdb23cc2-66e2-4153-bc95-279f148ceccb

the build hasn’t failed, it’s queued – sometimes jobs just get queued up but they will eventually be worked through. it might take 20-30 mins for the build to start

I am 43 mins and still waiting. I am pretty sure it failed b/c I received this message in the command line

-[12:41:49] Timeout reached! Project is taking longer than expected to finish building, aborting wait…


Is there not a way to cancel it once expo has it queued?

it looks like it’s running currently:

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