Introducing the Recall app

Hey guys, here’s a preview of the app I’m building with expo – Recall.

The why: I wanted an app that let me quickly offload stuff that I’d otherwise have to keep in my head – say a movie that a friend recommended or simply a reminder to call someone. I’ve tried several todo list apps for this but they’re more focused on managing your tasks, and not so much on simply getting stuff out of your head. (Recall’s default view is screen 3 in the preview. This lets you quickly open the app, add something and be done. You have to explicitly navigate to the item list screen.)

Super-quick about me: I’m a product manager who wanted to scratch a personal itch and also get back into being able to personally build things. For this, react native and expo have been amazing – thanks a bunch, guys :slight_smile:


Awesome!! Congrats on this!

Can you share a link to your project on Expo or your apps in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store (or all of the above)?

Thanks @ccheever :smiley:

I’m still working on the app (nights & weekends) and haven’t yet shipped to the app stores yet. That said, here’s an early preview:

(There’s still basic stuff to be fixed including ensuring that items are reliably saved to local storage, strangely disappearing modals and other – stay tuned!)

this looks awesome so far! :smiley:

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I dig the visual style you’re using.

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Quick update, guys: The app is out now!

Link: – take a look, I think you’ll like it :slight_smile:

I’ve had to make quite a few changes since posting but am happy with where it’s at now. Unfortunately, I also had to eject from Expo since there was a tangible difference in startup time between the with-expo and without variants. I admit I didn’t spend enough time on digging deeper and will do so with the next project I use expo on.




lovely app :slight_smile: congrats. we’re going to work on startup time

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Thanks Brent! And I’m looking forward to using expo in future projects :slight_smile: