First Expo App - Mats in Mind

I’ve recently designed and developed my first application. Kept hearing things about react Native and then stumbled across Expo and thought it was the perfect solutions to quickly get an application put together.

It was a long slog, and hard work at times, but with the great documentation and help on GitHub etc. I’m happy to say the app has been in the app store for the last 3 months (getting into the Apple Store was hard work!).

Quite a simple app currently aimed at a niche, but lots of plans to expand on what we have built. It’s available in five languages: English, German, Polish, French and Slovak - Currently based on where you load the app, but soon with a language selector.

Mats in Mind allows users to search through the COBA Europe range of workplace matting to find the best solution for their matting needs. This can be done by reviewing the available categories of mats on offer, or by using our new decision tree tool which asks a number of questions about your workplace. By going through these questions, we can get an understanding of what the best product is for your needs.

Thanks for all the help. Would be great to have some feedback!


Congratulations!! This is a really nice app :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: A++ for language support!! :fire::fire::fire: I wrote you a review on the App Store :grin:

Feedback (iPhone 7 Plus - english)

  • Matting Categories -> Workplace Matting -> Any Product: The “Contact us about this product” button seems to be overflowing the wrapping button.
  • Home page seems to have some odd margin at the bottom of the ScrollView

Everything else is really smooth, good job! Have you tweeted it out at Expo yet?

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Hi Bacon,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll have a look at those issues you found. Currently planning a monthly release cycle to add new features and fix bugs.

I haven’t tweeted it to them, but I will do!

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Hi- awesome! Do you have an Expo URL that people could try it out at?

I think it is currently set to private, and as I’m halfway through an update, I can’t push a public version live at the moment. Unless you know a way?

Will have one in the next couple of weeks which I can share :slight_smile:


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Mats in Mind has now been updated to feature a language selector. This works by looking up the location of the device (what the user has set in their settings, so now location services involved). It will then load this language. If the user would like to change, they can choose from the top right corner on the homepage.

Big update for us, and so far had great feedback that it works.

Thanks again for all the documentation etc. It’s all been very straightforward to learn and improve the app over time.


We have now released what is version 8 of Mats in Mind.

This new release features a greatly improved 3D Facility Explorer, which allows you to go into a workplace environment or sector, and see which type of matting is best suited to a certain situation. We made this by using the expo SVG module, and adding links through to allow people to zoom in and select the area they are looking at.

General design updates have also been included and lots of improvements to the code where I’ve learnt from making this, and our other application Entrance Matting.

Would love some feedback, so please grab the update from the app stores.


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