UPDATE (PLEASE READ): I actually don’t recommend installing this app. I’ve stopped working on it and I’m not sure if the owner of the app is canceling subscriptions. I didn’t implement that feature before I left. If anyone downloaded the app and needs to be removed, pm your email address and I’ll remove you from the Stripe account since I still have access to that. Sorry to anyone that had a hard time canceling. Startup life :stuck_out_tongue:

We published our companies deal app. Its subscription and location based so requires a login and credit card but it’s cool! We already have over 100 subscribers and have managed to not eject yet.


Congrats on launching! This looks really professional, that’s really cool you’re ramping up subscribers too. What are some of the things you’d like to see in Expo that would enable features you want to build or make it easier/nicer to develop?

Congrats on launching! That’s really great. I’m signing up now.

Note for others thinking of signing up: Looks like most of the deals are in Utah for now.

@ccheever yes, for now it’s Utah but hopefully we will be expanding :stuck_out_tongue:

@ide We noticed a few things.

  1. We had an issue with scroll views inside of tabs on Android. It’s still broken with no fix. That was a big issue for us but we kind of live with it until it’s fixed for now.

  2. No Facebook Pixel support is forcing us to eject. We need the Pixel for our marketing. We basically need this out of the box for Expo I think if we had that, I could build any integration I wanted.

  3. It’s still unclear how to get the Expo icon off of icons for push notifications.

  4. Multiple programmers deploy route. So since its just two of us right now its not a big issue but once there are lots of people, having one person hit the “publish” button seems a bit scary. Especially because anyone can technically do it. It would be nice if there was a way to manage that better.

Over the experience has been excellent. Expo feels well built but still early stage yet good enough to make a real product and start making money.


I had the app a couple years ago, I bought a year subscription, but since then, for the last 2 years i’ve been charged monthly. If you can help me please remove my email from the list.