How to grant other people access to my app?

I published an app to expo as “unlisted”. I can load this app using the QR code when I log in to my account, but when other people tries to load the app, it says “The experience you requested is not viewable by you. You will need to login or ask the owner to grant you access”.
Please let me know where I can give access to other accounts.


Hey @yiwangyumso,

On iOS, experiences are only viewable by those who authored the experience. So to share your app with other people you have two main options, the first being TestFlight where you upload your .ipa and then can send a link to other users to beta test your app. The second, less ideal option is to share your expo account credentials with those you want to test your app. We know this isn’t a great solution and are actively working on implementing a team/organization system that will more elegantly handle this and make it more of a first-class solution.



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