Unable to share my public project with others on iOS

  1. SDK Version: 3.1.2
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

I recently developed and published this Expo project: Expo

As you can see, it is publicly viewable by all. Android phones can download and use the app by using the QR code. However, iOS devices can’t seem to view the app by any means at all.

Not only does the QR code not work, as was explained and justified in this blog post, but sending a link via the “Request a link” box in the right sidebar doesn’t work either; I put in a variety of phone numbers and email addresses but none of my friends received anything, not in their junk folders or anywhere else.

And to top it off, when I send them the link myself and they open it directly, they get this error message: “The experience you requested is not visible by you. You will need to log in or ask the owner to grant you access.”

Why is the experience not visible to them? Do they need to create Expo accounts to view the project? Is there something else I need to do? I thought that when I published the project and made it public, that anyone would be able to view it. It is extra confusing because like I mentioned at the beginning, everything works just fine on Android.

How can I make my project visible to iOS users?

Apple’s policy change about QR codes really made things difficult :confused:

Try mailing them this link:


I don’t currently have access to an iOS device, but the link works for me on an Android phone (even if I log out of the Expo client first) and I think it should also work on iOS.

I understand Apple’s policies are difficult to work with – that’s why I’m using Expo instead of TestFlight :slight_smile:

That link doesn’t work either. Here is what the user sees:

Ah, well, the message is pretty explicit that it will not work on IOS :-/

I suppose maybe you will have to publish the app to TestFlight after all. At least you should be able to update the app OTA after that.

Ah, I suppose the “Expo Client of iOS can no longer open published projects” bit is quite clear. I was just hoping that it wasn’t true.

The source of my confusion is the linked article actually. The “Upcoming Limitations” article says this:

Your workflow probably won’t change much, and we expect zero disruption to our developers.

Which is obviously not the case…

I guess I will stick to the tried and true method of sharing my Expo account credentials with people who want to test my app.

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