Any updates on sharing iOS published app

Any updates for iOS regarding access to published apps? (this topic says there is active work on it, but no updates).

While I understand that test flight is solution for iOS, application we are developing includes multiple people across different continents and while application is in early stages it is too early to publish to test flight, but we need other non-developer users like designers to access the app while it is being actively developed.

Hi @ivan.palikuca!

Yes, we actually recently launched Expo Developer Services, which will allow you to add members to your team, and give them view permission to see your published apps (including iOS) in the Expo Client app!

@charliecruzan Thank you for this info! I have signed up, one bug I have noticed and have no other way of reporting, when user sign up for services welcome email to manage teammates has a link that has space character in it, leading to error when clicked. Link looks like this “https://…” instad of “…”

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Thanks for noticing / reporting this!