How to get iOS to automatically switch to RTL when the user's language is RTL?

On Android, the default behavior when the device is set to an RTL language is to switch the UI to RTL. Only when you call I18nManager.allowRTL(false); is this behavior disabled. However, on iOS, I would have to call I18nManager.forceRTL(true); in order to switch to RTL, even if the phone language is set to Hebrew, Arabic, etc.

I see some mention of adding Localizable.strings files, adding stuff to AppDelegate, but these articles are all 4ish years old, and I tried this and it didn’t work on my bare workflow app. I see other examples where folks check the language and then force the RTL switch, but I just want to go off of device settings.

Anybody get RTL to automatically switch on for iOS in Expo managed/ bare recently? How did you do it?