Preferred Language for iOS (and Android) - Switching Languages

How do you make it so that an expo managed app can have a “Preferred Languages” dropdown.

Is it with the “locales” tag in the app.config.js?

Does anyone know the experience for Android apps?

I’m talking about this specifically:

Any takers? :slight_smile:

Is this not possible with expo?

You could look at something like react-native-ios-settings-bundle - npm. It will require a config plugin to make this work in managed workflow, due to the required changes in XCode. Alternatively, you can also use expo run:ios and make the changes manually.

Got it. Doesn’t seem like something easily done.

Would be great to see this in Expo has tinder, instagram, and a whole bunch of other apps have this.

I added a feature request so others can vote on this:

There was already a more generic feature request on Canny: Implement iOS settings bundle. | Voters | Expo as well, that also describes the same solution I mentioned.

I’ve merged them. @kbrandwijk, should this one also be merged or is it referring to something else?

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@wodin Great, thank you. Yes, that one can be merged as well!

I’ve merged that one too

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