Expo-updates, how to use custom screen?

Hello guys, im using SDK 38, and playing with expo-updates. But i have one problem. Tried to create an “updating” screen, to show when the bundle is downloading, but my app stills at splashscreen while checking new updates.
I’m using useEffect(), to check if has updates, then if returns true, it turns the state “updating” to true, then fetch the update, then refresh the app.

I want a custom loading screen, there is a way??

Hey @velcis,

You’ll want to set the timeout to 0 https://docs.expo.io/guides/configuring-ota-updates/#automatic-updates and then you can have some state variable to determine whether or not to render your custom screen.

If the timeout is greater than 0, the splash screen will persist until the update is downloaded or the timeout is reached.


Hmm, thanks. Will try this later, then if worked for me I set as Solution.
Now I’m currently with another issue with the build D:

Sounds good. Sorry to hear about the build issue, if you haven’t already please create a separate topic for it.

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