How to display screen with progress bar during application update

I want to show screen with progress bar when expo is checking for updates and downloading it instead of splash screen.
I decided to disable auto updates, and check for it manually when application is launched, then I`m showing a screen with progress bar. It works, but not as I expected. If you call fetchUpdateAsync then expo force show splash screen. In result I`m having

screen with progress (which tells me that I`m checking for updates) => expo splash screen (download patch) => application reloads => screen with progress to check for updates again.

I want to show progress with different messages, like ‘Checking for updates’ => ‘Downloading patch’

Or show splash screen when checking for updates but progress bar during download

Hey @frfs,

Unfortunately this isn’t possible with the Splash and Updates APIs currently. I would recommend creating a Feature Request on our Canny detailing exactly what you would want these APIs to be able to do.



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