Using default expo splash screen as an components

Hi everyone!
recently i’m using expo for my project. It’s small project so i choose expo to make it. Everything seem quite good accept one thing i don’t understand is the default splash screen of expo. As i see, the default splash screen is just an images showing when app open ( it take may be 3,4 second to show - It’s pretty long time) but it’s kind of useless. My question is is there any way is possible to do something when splash screen running such as call API or get id device on async storage…etc ??? or complete remove default splash screen and i can make my own splash screen as an component.
Thank for advance!

Hey @lambui,

You can customize the Splash Screen to make it your own and fitting for your app: and you can also execute some code to be run while it is displayed and make it where the splash screen disappears when your callbacks are completed with the AppLoading API:

Let me know if you have any questions.



Hi Adam,

Thank you for reply me. I have a question for you. Is app-loading execute parallel with splash screen or just splash screen showing after 4,5 second and then app-loading execute???


Your AppLoading startAsync method code is executed while the Splash Screen is displayed and once the promise is resolved in onFinish the AppLoading component will be unmounted and thus the Splash Screen will no longer be rendered.

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Thank for helping me!!

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