How to determine when Expo is updating the application?

Through the documentation on Offline Support and Publishing I know that when the application is starting up I can use the AppLoading component to show a splash screen and do background operations.

When the application is updating it blocks the UI Thread and sits on the AppLoading component until the new bundle (and assets) are downloaded, which is exactly the behavior I want.

However, instead of just showing my regular <AppLoading /> component, I would like to be able to show a special component that informs the user that the application is updating and the amount of time it takes to load is increased. Additional information such as the % of the update downloaded would also be nice but isn’t required.

Anyone have a solution for this? I hate that it takes my app 15-20 seconds to start on a bad connection after an update, because most of my beta testers have said “It’s not working” when it’s just updating.

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