App stuck at Splash Screen when restarted to apply code push changes

I am using react-native-code-push for OTA updates. As soon as user enters the app there will be check for updates and if there are any, then app displays a confirmation window. if the user taps on INSTALL button then app downloads the updates and then restarts to apply the changes. This is the usual behaviour in my app.

Now, I started using expo-splash-screen. Since then, when app restarts for applying the OTA updates, Splash Screen appears and app gets stuck and never proceeds for further. Splash Screen appearance is the weird thing here which should not be happened. I used to work with
react-native-splash-screen and have never observed the Splash Screen appearance when applying OTA updates.

Is expo-splash-screen not compatible while using OTA updates(With other libraries other than expo-updates) or Is that any configuration mistake?