"expo publish" equivalent to update ios devices with JS updates

I’m a new user of EAS, have been using Expo GO for months and loved it (both simulator, and on my ios phone for on-the-go access to my app).

I’ve read the EAS docs, and have simulator working (including instantly with JS code changes)… and I also have been able to create a build that is then loaded on a registered IOS device.


When I update JS code that I want to push to my dev-client on my phone, how do I do that? With Expo Go it was a super quick “expo publish” and very quickly my phone would have the updates. Do I have to completely build a brand new client to update my phone. That is much much slower. Basically only way I’ve been able to update phone is new build “eas build --profile preview --platform ios” (where that profile doesn’t have simulator set to true).

My expo-cli version is 4.8.1, and I am clearly managed work-flow.

Thanks much!

Haha! It looks like “expo publish” does work. :). It just doesn’t reflect as quickly in the ios app as it did with Expo Go. Is there some way in the ios custom dev client I can check to see the time/date of the last publish to the app I’m currently running?

Even if it is JS code I have to put into my app where I can display in my “About” screen, that is fine.