Running `eas update` for "enterpriseProvisioning": "universal" configurations

I have a question about using eas update to push code updates when we are running this within our organization, without being in the app store. In other words, we provide a link to our users to download directly onto their phones. Our eas.json looks like this:

“enterpriseProvisioning”: “universal”

When I want to run new builds for iOS and Android I use the following from the command line:

eas build --profile new --platform all

My question is, what would it look like to use eas update in this situation? Would it be something like this?

eas update --profile new --platform all

I’m trying to understand how that would work, knowing that where we actually serve these builds is on Amazon S3. So how my local command line even connect with that? Our usual procedure is for me to create the builds. And then another person takes the resulting apk and ipa files, and uploads to our Amazon bucket. That works for builds. But how can we apply updates, without needing to have staff download the link all over again? Thanks.

The way you are phrasing your question seems to suggest that you are under the impression that update and build are somehow interchangeable, which is not true.

eas build is building new app in form of IPA/APK/AAB
eas update builds javascript only and uploads it to expo servers

depending on the configuration those IPA/APK/AAB built using eas build are checking if the new js bundle is available on expo servers, and if it is there it downloads it and runs it instead. (sometimes it requires 2 restart)

For details how it works and which updates are sent to which builds check documentaion.

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