EAS Update - Submit to App Store before first update?

Managed Workflow IOS app.

I added expo-updates after I submitted our app and it was approved in the app store. Do I need to resubmit it to the app store (only the first time) before updates will work. I know it says that you can update your java script as long as you aren’t adding packages, but does expo-updates itself count? There are no changes in our app even though it looks like everything works when I run:

eas update --branch production --message “Fixes typo”

I get:

:heavy_check_mark: Built bundle!

:heavy_check_mark: Uploading assets skipped – no new assets found!

:heavy_check_mark: Created branch: production

:heavy_check_mark: Created a channel: production pointed at branch: production.

:heavy_check_mark: Published!

hi there! yes, if you didn’t have expo-updates installed in your original build then you will need to rebuild and resubmit to add it. the package includes native code that makes updates work

Thank you! I didn’t see this in the “Getting Started” guide here Getting started - Expo Documentation

Maybe adding to resubmit to the app store would help future devs! Thanks again.

hello! maybe i misunderstand - it looks like on that page we have a section called “Create a build for the project” that should cover this - but maybe it needs to call out that you will need to do a new build if you are adding it to an existing project?

That should cover it. “If you are adding this to an existing project, you will need to submit a new version to the app store before updates can be made to your production app.”

It might be stating the obvious for most people, but it would have helped me. Thanks again for your help!!

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