Expo is having trouble with Google Play services. Please try again

I got a problem with Expo React-Native-Maps when running on Android. The error as the attachment


I configured step by step as the introduction in expo React-Native-Map document but the problem still happen. Thank you so much for any help!

PS: expo sdkVersion: 33

I am experimenting the same issue you have, but it happened to me today. It was nicely working until that appeared.
I have an snack which is a copy of another one that worked fine yesterday and today is having the same problem.

I am using expo sdkVersion: 32, so I guess is an expo problem.
Could anyone please help? I need a solution ASAP.
@charliecruzan @adamjnav

Thank you


Please post your code here or even better, a minimal reproducible example showing the error. And along with that, details about what device(s) you are using, what versions of Android, what country you are in, and anything else that might be helpful.

Hello, i detected the problem that caused by Google Play Services version. After upgrade to new version i resolved it


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