MapView map not rendered in Android emulator

Im trying to run the example listed in MapView - Expo Documentation in an android emulator inside expo.

Running that exact code the map isn’t rendered, instead only a grey background and a google logo in the bottom left corner is shown. It shows the exact same behavior as in As a possible cause only the api key is mentioned, which cant be the reason obviously, because it should be handled by expo. Interestingly enough the same project does run perfectly fine on a real device using the expo app.

As suggested earlier in that github issue I have set the graphic option to ‘Hardware - GLES 2.0’ inside my AVD’s settings, still no luck

I would very much appreciate your help on getting MapView to display properly on the Android emulator.

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Hi there,
We use emulators for the device preview in Snack, and everything appears to be working fine.

I wonder if maybe there is a network issue preventing the content from being fetched?

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