Android : Mapview not functioning properly

Expo SDK : 34
react-native-maps: ~0.24.0

I am having difficulties with react-native-maps on Android installed using expo. This manifests itself only on Android (emulator and standalone). On ios it behaves perfectly.

The issue can be clearly seen from the snack here

There is a huge difference between the behaviour on ios (works perfectly) and Android which does not.

Specifically, on Android
a) Whilst the place of interest (poi) names are visible, shops are not. On ios shops are identified.
b) The indoor level selector widget does not display, displays on ios.
c) the bounds specified for the map are not respected
d) Clicking a place of interest generates a google maps placeId which is seemingly obfuscated (ie: instead of “ChIJc9s4ASk2zDERkZ2wcP0RazM” it returns “ChIJc9AAAAAAAAAAAAAAP0RazM”

I presumed this may be something to do with API key, ie: that this is the result of a lesser tier of service from Google Maps. However I have followed the instructions here to the letter.

Is there something that I am doing wrong or is it the case that Expo 34 has issues with react-native-maps on Android?

ios on left : Android on right

Hey @eddyoc,

We just wrap the react-native-maps library. I think the best course of action here would be to create a vanilla RN project running 0.59 since SDK34 runs that version and see if the issue persists. If the issue occurs on the vanilla project, then it would be best to create an issue in the react-native-maps repo.


The issue does not occur when using the component outside of Expo.