Expo client crashing with sdk version 32.0

Hey there,

When using the latest version of the expo client app on Android, the app just crashes altogether for me when it finishes downloading the javascript bundle. There is no output in the console whatsoever. Not really sure what to do here. Nothing in our project has changed. Is it possible to revert to the previous build?

I’m using a samsung galaxy s9+.

Any help would be appreciated,

Hi @picklechips! Sorry to hear about this :confused: What version are you using?

Does this happen even on a blank expo init project? I’d like for us to figure out what’s causing this to happen, but if you need a quick workaround, you can download the previous Android version:
Android Client: https://exp-android-apks.s3.amazonaws.com/Exponent-2.10.6.apk

I am using version 2.11.2

I just tried with a blank expo init project, and it did not crash. I know one of the other developers began encountering an error with the new build which we’ve never seen before. I’ve attached a screenshot.

I’m not sure there’s a way to private message on these forums, but I’d be happy to privately send you a link to the github project and a screen recording of the app crashing (The video isn’t particularily interesting, just normal flow of scan barcode → build javascript bundle → downloading bundle → Crash once finished downloading).

Hi Guys,

I am also getting the same error. I reverted back to expo client version 2.10.6 and it seems to be working fine.

in another thread https://forums.expo.dev/t/error-with-last-expo-client-and-sdk32/23334 it is mentioned that transparent backgroundColor is the issue. Is this true ? why is transparent no longer supported?

Reverting back also solved it for us. However with the play stores requirement for 64bit in august we’ll need to switch to 2.11 by then, so we’ll need a better solution by then.

Ah okay, this is actually an open Github issue. If one of you could provide the steps to reproduce, that would be very helpful. @picklechips are you on Slack? Either you can send me the gh project link through there, or you can message through here (if you hover over my username, you should get a message option)