Expo Go App Constantly Crashes on Android

Ever since yesterday’s update on the Google Play Store, the Expo Go app crashes saying that the application has a bug.

Same issue, I use Samsung galaxy A13 , It only shows splashScreen and doesn’t open the app.

are you using an sdk 46 project? there was a regression in this latest expo go version with sdk 46 projects. you can download the apk for the previous version here: https://d1ahtucjixef4r.cloudfront.net/Exponent-2.26.6.apk

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thanks alot

you save my job​:v:t2::smile::weary:

The problem lies within the Expo Go app itself, can’t even connect to a project without the app crashing.

However, thank you for the rollback sdk link, I shall use this version until the application is fixed.


Our project sdk version is 47 and our android phones are latest & have all software updates too. Still its not downloading from play store in one of the phone and on another , it downloads but keep crashing & I have to delete and reinstall again to work with new expo go.

Do you think , we should download one older version too?


I have been following through a tutorial to build an App using Expo Go. The state the App is at, it works perfectly on the Web view and the iOS view, but when I try to run it in the Android view, or try to run it on my own device which is Android, the App crashes.

I see that at the bottom of Expo Go I can select from V.45, 46 or 47, but I get the same result from all three versions.