Expo app crash on testflight


The app is crashing on a test flight when calling multiple fetch request at a time. It works well on the simulator. I think this is not a functional crash, but something else. Actually, what’s happening is that the app first shows a black screen, then the app is fully closed

Hey @saiyam,

Can you try running expo start --no-dev --minify and see if that reveals anything?


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i have tired with this command and project is running same as expo start, how that command will support on testflight build or should I use expo build:ios --no-dev --minify ?

expo start --no-dev --minify reproduces the production JS bundle that you would be loading in a TestFlight build or App Store build.

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Thanks will try

i have tried with this method, but still getting problem

Do you have an .apk of the same app? If you do and the crash also occurs on Android, you can look into the device logs by using USB Debugging and Android Studio.

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