Expo test flight crash problem

I build ipa file and uploaded in app store.
I tried running my app on testflight but my app showed splash screen and crashed.
It works fine when I run on expo app.

Would you please help me?
I’m so frustrated…

Hey there, can you try running your app with dev=false and minify=true from the Expo app? That will give you a JS bundle which is the same as you would see in production.

You mean dev=false and minify=true inside setting.json file right?
I did that already, but nothing changed. It works fine in Expo App,
but not in the testflight iOS app.

Sorry, I thought it worked after I changed dev=false and minify=true, it worked when I just refreshed, but didn’t worked when I restarted the project.
It’s giving me an error.
Module HMRClient is not a registered callable module(calling enable)

Do you what I should do after this?

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