Testflight Only Crash

I’ve got a build that works fine in local development, both on my device and in the simulator. I’ve tried running it via the command line with ‘expo start --no-dev --minify’ as well, and it still runs great. Unfortunately, when I upload the build into Testflight, it crashes when trying to load the main content screen + map. I don’t see any errors in Sentry triggered by this crash, and am totally unable to replicate locally.

I have crash files from Apple, when this was discovered during their beta review, but otherwise I can’t find anything helpful. Where do I even go next as far as troubleshooting this?? I have no idea why this is impossible to replicate locally.

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Hey @hweaver,

Do you have an android version of your app you could test? If it also crashes, you could open up the APK in Android Studio with USB debugging enabled and dive into the device logs.


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