Expo app crashing on TestFlight

I have been working on an app with Expo which works well on the simulator and via the Expo client however after starting testing on testflight the app will sometimes crash during startup the screen goes white for a moment before going black and then crashing.

I opened the xcode debug which shows this message: https://image.ibb.co/jowXvd/Screen_Shot_2018_05_13_at_18_42_50.png

It does not happen all the time but properly 6 out of 10 times i try to open the app.

Any ideas what could cause this? I’m using firebase on startup to check if the user is authenticated, as this looks something like a url session.

Hi, that’s not an error I’m familiar with. Looks like it’s happening during the network request for some image resource while loading your app. It also looks like the stack trace originates in React Native’s code, rather than in Expo’s code. Here are some things I would try:

  • Try running your app in Expo Client with the dev flag disabled and minify enabled. This will be the same JS bundle you’ll get in a production build of your app.
  • If you aren’t making any progress, you might just try updating your Expo SDK version to the latest one, because it will include a newer version of React Native, and it’s possible they already identified and fixed this in their library.

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