Expo Android Notification not working

I’m not able to send notification to the Android device with expo token by expo notificaiton tool;

Getting FCM invalid credentials error but FCM api key successfully upload to expo credentials manager. And also google-service.json file placed into project.

InvalidCredentials: Failed to authenticate with the FCM server. Ensure the FCM server key you uploaded is correct.

app.json config:
“googleServicesFile”: “./google-services.json”,

Any suggestion?

Finally figured out. I found correct server key. On FCM page, there is cloud messaging tab. Under that tab, there is ‘Server Key’. That server key is the correct ‘FCM api key’.
Expo cli is asking to update key and google-services.json file has api key. This is the confusing part.
As always Expo documentation is again over complicated and required information spread out in everywhere. Anyway if I can help someone with this answer that’s enough.

Hi! in our documentation we list the exact steps to get your FCM api key - https://docs.expo.io/push-notifications/using-fcm/#uploading-server-credentials

Where in Expo CLI did it point somewhere else? I’d be happy to fix that

Thanks @charliecruzan

It’s really hard for me to find again all of the docs which I visited and gathered the total information pieces. But I can say, I haven’t seen your link’s page before.
My problem was, after upgrading Expo SDK 38, suddenly android notification stopped working and release notes were not enough to make it working again.
After had deep search in forums, stackoverflow pages, github issue pages, I found FCM approach.
Anyway for now, everything is working fine, and thanks Expo for making our development life easier.

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Is necessary to handle FCM keys in an expo go app? Or this is just for bare workflows?

you need to follow this guide to use push notifications on android in standalone apps, in expo go we use our own fcm credentials. Using FCM for Push Notifications - Expo Documentation