Android : InvalidCredentials: Failed to authenticate with the FCM server

Dear team,

My config :

  • Expo Bare
  • SDK42
  • EAS Build and config

I have a problem with expo notification.
Indeed, when I want to send a notification with my app or expo notification tool. I have this error message : InvalidCredentials: Failed to authenticate with the FCM server. Ensure the FCM server key you uploaded is correct.

I don’t have the problem with iOS, only Android.
I tried to update my FCM key with Expo web site (EAS tab) and expo line command but without results.
I checked the integration on my app but it’s ok because I can send notifications with the FireBase console.

Could you help me with this issu ?

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,
Kévin Graillot

hi! what do you mean you can send through the firebase console? Are you using the device push token, or the expo push token?

This error message can happen when your fcm server key is not the correct one that is associated with your google-services.json. I would triple-check these steps: Using FCM for Push Notifications - Expo Documentation