errors after expo update (SDK 39)

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 39

I got this result after running another ‘expo update’:

√ Validated configuration.
√ No additional changes necessary to app.json config.
√ Updated known packages to compatible versions.
√ Removed package-lock.json and deleted node_modules.
× Running npm install failed. Please check npm-error.log for more information.
× Failed to clear packager cache with error: Cannot find module ‘react-native/local-cli/cli.js’
Require stack:

  • F:\EXPO\mobshed7\noop.js
    √ Cleared packager cache.


PS F:\EXPO\mobshed7> npm audit
npm ERR! audit Neither npm-shrinkwrap.json nor package-lock.json found: Cannot audit a project without a lockfile
npm ERR! audit Try creating one first with: npm i --package-lock-only

I have installed my project on an external hard drive - as I always do.


  1. Where is npm-error.log located?
  2. How do I re/install cli.js?
  3. What’s noop.js and what should I do with it?


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