EAS Update Pricing Questions

We were recently thinking moving from Expo Updates to EAS Updates. But the limit on Updaters count is what limits us to migrate. Here is the pricing screenshot.

As you can see Production package has instant updates limited to 20K updaters.
Let’s say I have 100K user and I am on Production package. Does that mean only 20K users will get the update and others will never get the update?


Once you’re on a paid plan, for any updates over the quota on the plan, the “Pay as You Grow” prices apply (e.g., $5 per each 1000 additional updaters).

Do note that other measures of how many users you have will not necessarily correspond to an “updater.” For instance, if your app has 100k installs per App Store and Play Store metrics, it’s likely that you will have fewer than 100k updaters, as some users may have your app installed but not use it. An “updater” is only counted if it checks for an update at least once within the billing period, which requires opening the app.

Is is possible to keep using expo publish instead of eas? If that is the case, why would I want to use eas? Thanks!