Expo Application Services (EAS) is Free?

Expo Application Services (EAS) is Free? How? I mean there is a paid plan but what is the difference between them and the free plan please don’t send me a link to a page like the EAS page because I have been there and read everthing so what I want is in which point I will need to pay. Please tell me in Plain English and be so detailed.

Hi @maher-aldous

Yes, there’s a “free tier” for EAS Build and EAS Submit. EAS Update does not yet have a free tier, but will sometime later this year when it’s out of preview. Also, you can currently still use the classic expo publish instead of EAS Update.

If you use EAS Build, all you need is an Expo account. You can build 30 builds per month on their build servers for free. You can only build one at a time and this will be in the normal build queue.

If you need to build more than 30 per month or you want to be put in the “priority” build queue or you want to build more than one app at the same time you will need to pay them some money. Also, if you want to use their service to build an app that takes longer than 45 minutes to build you will need to pay them. If you don’t pay then it will cancel the build after 45 minutes.

If you’re going to pay them anyway (e.g. because you need to make lots of builds and you want to use the priority queue) then it might work out cheaper if you sign up for the production or enterprise plans.

EDIT: You also don’t have to use their build service. You can build on your own machine using eas build --local.

If I build using local as you said can I build for iOS on windows or I need to do only android.

About the active users per months how it works do they count them when I push Ota update or when I resubmit the app because of an update.

ios builds can only be run on macOS, android builds can run either on macOS or Linux.

Windows is not supported, but you should be able to build android under WSL

Thank you I can take the build in that case but you didn’t clear why and how do the section about active users per months work?