EAS update pricing

With the new pricing scheme charging for eas update per user, how do I determine how many active users I have? I have a free app with around 10k users that I update a lot, and am not looking forward to paying $50+ per update. I’d like to know the price before I run the update. Will old apps have the old pricing scheme grandfathered in?Thanks!

hey there! if you sign up for the production plan ($99/mo) this will cover you for updates to up to 20,000 monthly active users, in addition to priority on builds and other benefits. no charges on top of that. scroll down to the “save with eas plans” section on Expo Application Services (EAS) Pricing

Hi @marchingband, I’ll try to answer your questions. We currently show how many active updaters you have on your Usage page but don’t yet have a way to see how many active users you have. We’re planning to show both updaters and users so you can predict your usage ahead of time and aren’t quite there yet since EAS Update is still a brand new service.

Updaters vs users: an “updater” is a device that not only checked for an update but actually downloaded one, while a “user” is a device that might have only checked for an update. This is an important distinction because with EAS Update you pay for updaters – only for users who received an update.

Example: you have 10k users who already got your latest update last month and you don’t publish any updates this month so none of your users download an update. In this case you’d have 10k users but 0 updaters and your cost would be zero.

Pricing: I also wanted to reaffirm that the pricing is based on updaters, not the number of updates. If you have 10k users who receive updates, your total cost would be $45/mo plus extra bandwidth/storage if you use more than the included allotment.

The Free tier comes with 1k updaters/mo, 100 GiB/mo of bandwidth, and 20 GiB of storage. An extra 9k updaters would cost $45/mo and come with an extra 351 GiB/mo of bandwidth.

We designed this pricing this way to encourage developers to publish many times and eventually get web-like CI/CD for mobile.

Predictability: you bring up a great point that you want to know the price before you use the service. I mentioned that EAS Update is still very new and we’re working on improving charts and giving you more visibility, predictability, and control over your usage. Especially while the service is still new if you are a making a hobby app and your usage spikes overnight because your app got unexpectedly popular for a hot minute, tell us so we can work with you and figure out a bill that feels fair and reasonable.

Prior pricing: I’m not sure the pricing you’re referring to so I’ll give this answer my best shot. During the EAS Update preview (before general availability, the official launch), we didn’t charge for usage since the pricing was still under development and customers didn’t have a way preview their invoices. The current pricing on Expo Application Services (EAS) Pricing is the first official pricing we have for EAS Update and there isn’t legacy pricing for EAS Update for any customer.

Separately, there’s the Classic Update service (expo publish), which is separate from EAS Update and uses an older updates protocol. This service had no charges and is a different product from EAS Update.

I think the above implies the following, but it doesn’t seem to be stated explicitly: I assume that it doesn’t matter how many times you publish an update during a single month (as long as you stay within the bandwidth/storage limits). i.e. If you have < 1000 updaters updating once a month or 100 times a month, it will be covered by the free plan.

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