EAS Update doesn't allow uppercase in scheme

Expo SDK version 48. EAS CLI version 3.15.1. Bare workflow.

I’m having an issue with trying to get eas update working in my app. I inherited this app and already had a bundle identifier set up like this com.name.NAME. Now this isn’t an issue until trying to set up eas update. I got everything up and running and then whenever I run eas update, I’m getting this error:

:heavy_multiplication_x: Failed to publish updates
Manifest Validation Error:
scheme:‘scheme’ should match pattern “[1][a-z0-9+.-]*$”
scheme:should be array
scheme:should match exactly one schema in oneOf
This is likely a problem with your app.json, or app.config.js
Request ID: 3b13113d-ffd9-4b11-b900-41a3398556c3

I know this is happening because my scheme is listed as com.name.NAME and really needs to be com.name.name, but since this app is already in the app store, I would rather not change that since it will create a whole new app. Is there anyway to work around this, or am I out of luck?

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