Updating appName when migrating to EAS


I am in the midst of rebuilding my apps and one has an name in the app.config.js that ends with a period. This was not an issue prior to EAS but now the Android gradle process is giving an error

stderr] > The project name ‘Name of App Co.’ must not start or end with a ‘.’. Set the ‘rootProject.name’ or adjust the ‘include’ statement (see Settings - Gradle DSL Version 7.3.3 for more details).`

I can remove the period from the name in the config but wanted to see if this change can be updated safely without affecting either the iOS or Android app store listings when rebuilding on EAS.

In your post, please share:

  • Managed Workflow
  • eas-cli v2.4.0


I am having this same issue! Does anyone have a solution to this yet?

Hi @kollynlund and @m-zz

Changing the name will not affect the App/Play Store listings (other than the name being different). They use the android.package or ios.bundleIdentifier to decide whether it’s the same app.

If you don’t want to change the name then I think the following will allow you to work around this on Android:

I haven’t investigated this on iOS, but you could probably do something similar.