Error while submit App to Apple Store "The following URL schemes found in your app are not in the correct format ..."


Last week i was stuck with Compilation Error.

The cause of this error was the bundleIdentifier too weird to pass the expo build.
Something like that :

I am taking the maintenance of an old application. So don’t ask WHY this bundle ID… :thinking:

EAS Solve compilation problem.

But now i’m still stuck while uploading app with Transporter.

It would appear that expo add bundleIdentifier in URL Schemes.

With good bundleIdentifier like => :+1:
But in my case :-1:

Upload App with Transporter =>

ERROR ITMS-90158: “The following URL schemes found in your app are not in the correct format: []. URL schemes need to begin with an alphabetic character, and be comprised of alphanumeric characters, the period, the hyphen or the plus sign only. Please see RFC1738 for more detail.”

I found nothing in EXPO doc about this.
Only found one stackoverflow post :

You don’t need to set a custom URL Schema because expo by default sets it to your bundleIdentifier

So i’m trying to use infoPlist to override this default behavior

  "expo": {
    "name": "Appname",
    "slug": "appname",
    "scheme": "validscheme",
    "ios": {
      "bundleIdentifier": "",
      "infoPlist": {
        "CFBundleURLTypes": [
            "CFBundleURLName": "org.appname.ios",
            "CFBundleURLSchemes": ["validscheme"]

But nothing change during transporter upload. Same error.

Stuck with this :crazy_face: bundleIdentifier of doom.

I need help to config Expo put only URL SCHEME i defined.


hi there!

the easiest workaround for now is to run expo prebuild -p ios and then modify your Info.plist to remove the scheme, then run eas build and submit your app. if you don’t have a mac, then do expo prebuild -p ios --no-install to skip the cocoapods step.

we’re looking into a better solution for this case – a complicating factor here is that there are other libraries that depend on the bundle id being the scheme.

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Ok thanks, i will try with expo preduild.

Last day i found bad solution for appstore upload after :

  • expo eject -p ios ,
  • delete -42BADBUNDLEID from the Info.pList
  • eas build.

Work but big mess in the git afterwards, because of the eject.

Thank you anyway. I will try your expo prebuild -p solution.

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